The Hidden Costs of Speeding Tickets: A Cautionary Tale

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Speeding tickets are more than just a financial slap on the wrist—they can wreak havoc on your wallet for years to come. As an insurance professional, I’ve seen firsthand how these violations drive up insurance premiums, often by $600 or more per year. But it’s not just about the immediate hit to your bank account;…

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In Memory of Dale Christopher Kelly

A Tribute to a Remarkable Legacy With heavy hearts and profound respect, we announce the passing of Dale Christopher Kelly, known fondly as Chris, a cherished member of our community and the esteemed former owner of Kelly Insurance Agency in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Dale departed this world on February 19, 2024, leaving behind a legacy…

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Dodging Potholes

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Protecting Your Finances from Insurance Potholes (by Avoiding the Ones in the Road!) We’ve all cringed at the thud of hitting a pothole while driving, but the repercussions go beyond discomfort. In this blog, we’ll delve into why steering clear of potholes is not just about a smooth ride but also about safeguarding your finances,…

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Tips for Budget-Friendly Coverage

As auto and home insurance costs continue to climb, managing your budget effectively becomes paramount. The surge in premiums is influenced by economic shifts, increased repair expenses, and evolving risk assessments by insurers. To navigate this financial challenge, consider a proactive approach.

Start by reviewing your current coverage—ensure it aligns with your needs, adjusting limits and considering factors like vehicle age and property value. Seeking guidance from insurance professionals can provide valuable insights tailored to your situation, helping you identify potential discounts and necessary policy adjustments.

Exploring available discounts is a key strategy. Insurers often offer incentives for safe driving, multi-policy bundling, and home security installations. By tapping into these options, you can effectively lower your overall insurance costs.

Embracing technology is another avenue for cost management. Leveraging digital tools provided by insurers allows you to track habits and receive personalized tips. This not only enhances your risk profile but can also lead to additional discounts based on responsible behavior.

In the face of rising insurance expenses, taking these proactive steps ensures you maintain a budget-friendly approach without compromising essential coverage. Our team is here to assist you in optimizing your policies and securing potential savings. Your financial well-being is our priority—reach out to us for expert guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.

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Things change… your policy should, too!

Take the time to review

“Insure Smart: Keeping Your Policy Sharp!” In our fast-paced lives, we often forget the importance of updating insurance policies. Yet, this simple task can profoundly impact our financial well-being. Let’s delve into why staying on top of your coverage and communicating changes is crucial. Regularly reviewing and communicating changes with your agent is essential for…

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Hidden “Costs” to Home Claims

Lighting candles in your home can be an unnecessary risk

Way back when I was a kid, I remembered hearing adults throw around the phrase “It’s okay. I’ve got good insurance.” As an agent now with 28 years of experience, I’ve seen countless claims that could’ve been avoided but the insured definitely thought “it’s okay. I’ve got good insurance.” Problem, in retrospect there were always…

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Home Insurance & Other Structures

Example of an outbuilding or other structure covered by homeowners insurance

Your homeowners policy consists of many parts. Coverage A is for your dwelling, C is for contents, D pays if you’ve lost the use of your home, and there is a whole section on liability, too. This article deals specifically with Coverage B – Other Structures. Please, pull your policy right now and look at…

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Whose Tree is it Anyways?

Tree Fell on House

Tree Damage and Neighbor Disputes Have you ever looked out a side window of your home and noticed a large, looming tree? Have you ever wondered what would happen if the wind blew the right speed and direction to tear one of those limbs off and crashing down on your home? This is a particularly…

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Brand New Car Totaled: Ouch

Buying a new car (or even an expensive used car) can be very exciting. It is a big investment, though. You’ll need to count on that new car for probably many years! What if were gone tomorrow?! Not to bring you down from the cloud that you’re on after a new purchase… but you should…

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Home damage: To claim or not to claim?

Stressed out over deciding whether or not to make homeowners claim

There are several factors to consider before turning in a homeowners insurance claim. Here are some key factors to keep in mind: First and foremost, is the damage covered? Your policy is the master source here but it’s easy to start with a couple of simple questions: Second, consider the severity of the damage: Consider…

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