Hibernation Time for Your Summer Car!

If you’re one of the lucky ones that has that extra-nice, extra-vehicle that you can keep out of the salt and snow in the winter, you’ll benefit by reading this article.

At Kelly Insurance, we want you to save the maximum by allowing you the ability to store your seasonal vehicle.  You can reduce coverage or suspend the item entirely by request.  Here are some important things to consider regarding our process and how the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles interprets the insurance requirement for your car.

  • You must continue to insure another vehicle that is assumed to be your primary use auto.
  • Our team will document the change that it is a seasonal removal or layup
  • If a random check for insurance occurs, we will show the documented history of your seasonal removals and subsequent additions of the item
  • The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles determines on a case-by-case basis if your exemption was legitimate.  Kelly Insurance can’t be held responsible for decision by the state that could lead to suspensions of your driving privileges
  • It is entirely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to add the vehicle back on when you return the item to normal use
  • It’s important to repeat that last point– your “season” for your vehicle could begin AT ANY TIME.  It is up to you to both remember that the vehicle is seasonally removed AND remember to ADD COVERAGE BACK ON TO THE ITEM before it is put back into use

Whenever possible, we recommend leaving the vehicle on your policy with all coverage removed except for comprehensive (fire & theft coverage).  This is a very reliable way to prove to the state that the vehicle is suspended only during the off-season.  It still appears on the policy and has some important coverage afforded and without liability protection that is required to drive it.

If you’re ready to save some money while your vehicle is hibernating, please reach out to one of our experienced agents today at 330-929-3056.

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