Car makers have hidden this in every vehicle!

That’s right.  There is a top secret feature that is automatically installed in every vehicle.  As soon as the world knows about it, the number of auto accidents will reduce by around 30%!

Let’s think about this.  How is it possible that a bigger deal isn’t made about this feature?  If it will reduce the number of accidents by 30%, that means it will save around 650,000 lives every year!  It should also save $77 BILLION dollars in damages if only we were all made aware.

You’re never going to believe how simple it is…

In automotive terminology, it is called a “turn signal.”  It was designed almost 90 years ago!  

It’s time to get serious about this.  Roughly 48% of Ohio drivers don’t use their turn signal when changing lanes.  Surprised?  Well, 25% don’t even use them when making a turn.  For those of you in either of these groups, if you feel like you are being called out right now, you are.  Almost 1 out of 3 auto accidents is the direct result of improper use of signals.  That means your own laziness could be part of the cause of 33% of your own insurance premium!

If you prefer to be flat out inconsiderate to other drivers, fine.  You’re allowed to be.  But if you’re not happy with how much insurance costs, remember this one thing…  if everyone just used their signals when changes lanes and turning, a FULL THIRD of all the accidents that happened last year could have been avoided.  That’s 2 MILLION accidents, roughly 650,000 fatalities (yes, people died!), and $77 BILLION in damage.  All of that could have been avoided with responsible and courteous use of turn signals…

So let’s summarize this and please let it sink in.  Not using your signal generally has four main outcomes:

  1. It’s injuring or killing people
  2. It costs everyone 33% of their insurance cost
  3. The law says you should get a ticket for it
  4. Good drivers think you’re driving like a jerk

If you want to be discourteous, fine.  Don’t change your habits for that reason– you’re allowed to want to be disliked on the roads.  The other three reasons are still really compelling, right?  Use your signal because it will save lives (maybe even your own), it will reduce the cost of insurance for everyone (even yours), and because the law says you’re supposed to!

If you use your signals now, give this article a share or a like.  If you are contemplating a change of habits to use your signals with more regularity, same deal– like or share, please!  If you’re on the fence or still refusing to expend the very small amount of energy that it will take to become part of the solution, perhaps the local authorities will notice and start issuing regular citations to you…  

Thanks for reading.  Be safe (and courteous) out there!

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