Property Insurance Basics

Homes are like snowflakes... no two are alike.  Accordingly, the policy that protects your home should be entirely unique.  It doesn't have to be complicated.  You might also be surprised at how affordable it can be.

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Homeowners insurance is actually two or more policies combined together.  The standard policy includes coverage for your house and its contents.  It also provides liability protection for injuries that might occur at your home or even property damage or injuries caused by you or family members (pets included).

Damage to your home is usually the result of a disaster.  The most common cause in Ohio is wind and hail and fortunately these damages rarely force you out of your home.  Fires do happen, though... and they can be quite expensive!  When they force you from your home, the standard policy will even compensate you for your increased cost of living.  Your insurance company has thought of everything!

Some types of disaster aren't automatically covered.  For instance, water damage is always excluded.  The policy is nice enough to give it back in the event of another covered peril.  For instance, if you have a fire and you're spraying water on it, that type of water damage would be covered.  Or if you have wind that breaks a window (letting rain in) or you have a pipe that ruptures, that type of water damage would also be covered.

For other types of water damage, you can buy back some additional protection.  The easiest and most common way is with water backup of sewers, sump pumps, and drains.  The title is pretty self-explanatory.  This one should be considered and added by almost everyone.  Our agents add it by default (and you can opt-out if you are confident you won't ever use it).

Another way to add protection for water damage is with flood insurance.  It is available for any property and well worth discussing with your agent.

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